Chris Craft 63 foot Motor Yacht. All scratch built using a fiberglass hull which I produce. The hull is 40" long with a 10 5/8" beam.  All of the lights on the boat are powered by 12 volts. The motor is a 12 volt brush motor. All of the deck fittings are polished pewter with the deck railing being 1/8" brass tubing. The railing stanchions are 1/16 brass rod soldered into holes drilled into the railing. The entire railing is then tin plated. The deck is planked with .020 Fancy Olive veneer with each piece being cut a little less that 1/4" wide. The deck planks are  then glued in place with CA glue to the 1/8" Birch Plywood sub deck, then entire deck is finished with a satin polyurethane. The paint on the hull is PPG Automotive Base coat with three coats of clear satin lacquer. All of the cabin sections are 3/16" solid Mahogany.
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